Spreading the Love on Valentine’s Day with OIS

Being true romantics at heart, the staff at OIS did not hesitate to organize a Valentine’s Day event to help get the international community in the mood for love!

Guests arrive at the OIS Love Booth.

Shortly after the “OIS Love Station” opened its doors, international students came in great numbers to take advantage of the activities being offered. Guests were welcomed by the OIS love gurus with a glass of “love potion number 9”, the recipe of which remained secret throughout the event. In case the love potion wasn’t sweet enough, there were sugar cookies of several different kinds, big enough to either have on your own or share with a loved one.

Moving on to the central booth, guests were offered flowers and a goody bag to bring to those loved ones who might not have made it to the event. For the creatively minded, there was also an arts and crafts station at which guests had the opportunity to make origami hearts, butterflies, or whatever they felt like under supervision of OIS’ capable origami experts.


Students gather at the OIS Love Station arts and crafts table.

Towards the end of the experience, lovebirds were invited to pose for a love portrait in the #loveois photo frame. Props were provided courtesy of the OIS arts and crafts team, who were more than happy to pose for pictures themselves. A full photo album has of course been posted to the OIS Facebook Page. OIS will not take credit for any budding romances that may have been born on yesterday’s Valentine’s Day, but we will not deny having helped kindled the fire. For those of you who are sad for having missed out, be sure to join us next year!

Until next year!