Deeksha Lal

Graduate student from Dubai, UAE

I’m an outdoors person. I thrive on sun, sand, and sea, so to speak – which means physical distancing has been especially hard on me. I’ve learned that the best way to avoid cabin fever is to keep myself occupied at all times. I’m finally finding the time to read and re-read all of my books, and to play games on my PS4. I’ve been listening to a lot of music – in my free time while working on homework, job applications, or my on-campus job, and when working out in my room!

I’ve been fully utilizing my streaming subscriptions by bingeing every movie, TV show, or documentary that looks even remotely interesting. I just watched the entirety of The Good Place, and it only took me 5 days to finish! YouTube is my go-to website for obsessing over every dog video uploaded to the Internet.

Staying in can be lonely, which is why I’m attempting to be extra social. I spend a lot of time on the phone with friends, on Zoom group calls with my family back home, and playing board games with my roommate. Finally, I’ve been catching up on my sleep, trying out homemade face and hair masks, and steadfastly avoiding all news of the coronavirus.