Trojan pride ran wild through the veins of 160 International students this past weekend! On October 6th, 2017 the International Student Assembly, Undergraduate Student Government Trojan Pride, and USC Athletics Department decided to coproduce an event for International USC students. Though football is considered soccer around the world, these organizations wanted to provide a welcome to “American Football 101” educational experience. The course goal was to educate the students on American footballs’ rules and regulations and afford each student a true American cultural immersion.

The group of students attended a “pep rally” where they witnessed the full Trojan Marching Band and spirit leaders from around campus showcase their school spirit. The experience did not stop there. Each student was given a complimentary backpack, USC pompoms, and a free ticket to the USC vs. Oregon State game. Front row and center, the students watched as USC crushed the Beaver’s in true Trojan fashion.

Author: Cydney Gillon, OIS Communications Editor and Strategic Public Relations student, class of 2018.