USC Trojan Cricket Club: The Stepping Stone into the Big Leagues

As home to the largest Cricket Club in the United States, the Trojan Cricket Club has been a staple of USC athletics since 1992.

The club registers 105 students each semester and then divides then among seven teams of 15 players each. The teams play against each other in tournament-style matches with each team playing at least once against every other team.

Currently, softball-style games are held every Friday and Sunday evenings with the current tournament running from August 25 to December 3, followed by tournament finals.

“Because the week is very busy for students, Friday nights were chosen since no one has classes the next day,” said Sahil Mohamed, Trojan Cricket Club president. “It’s a chill out league where people can come have fun.”

For some, the club is a way to meet new people and enjoy the international sport. For others, it’s a stepping stone for casual players to transition to the big leagues and into the Southern California Cricket Association (SCCA), one of the largest cricket leagues in the United States.

“This gives us a good platform to see who plays good and bad so when these players are playing, we find the ones who are perfect for the USC Cricket Team which plays in the SoCal league, which is a proper hardball league,” said Mohamed. “It’s a serious honor to be selected for the team because we are representing USC so whoever is there should be a good player. The [Trojan Cricket Club] is like a recruiting league for the main USC Cricket Team.”

The club is holding hardball tryouts to join the USC Cricket Team on Saturday, October 14 and Saturday, October 21. To register for tryouts, fill out the USC Cricket Hard Ball Tryouts 2017-2018 form.

For more information on the Trojan Cricket Club and how you can be a part of the organization, contact

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Story by Jeremy Bonds, OIS Communications Editor and Strategic Public Relations student, class of 2019.