Funding for J-1 Exchange Visitors

J-1 Exchange Visitors may receive funding from multiple sources, including USC, the visitor’s home government, the visitor’s home university, personal sources, and outside organizations.

J-1s are allowed to be USC employees, but cannot be in tenure-track positions, as this runs counter to their non-immigrant visa status.

Minimum Funding Levels

  • J-1 Exchange Visitor $24,000/year ($2,000/month)  (not applicable for Degree Students)
  • J-2 Dependent Spouse $13,400/year ($1,116/ month)
  • J-2 Dependent Child (under 21) $6,700/year per child ($558/ month per child)

What to submit for Proof of Funding Requirement

  • If paid by USC: Invitation letter from USC
  • If funded by outside organization or your home government: Letter which outlines funding amount and the duration of funding.
  • If self-funded: Bank statement* or letter from the bank in the visitor’s name.
  • Combination of Different Financial Sources: This minimum total funding amount may be met through a combination of funding sources indicated above.

Guidelines regarding bank statements & proof of funding letters

  • If bank statement is not in English, provide a translation.
  • Funding should be in U.S. dollars. If not, please attach a currency conversion print out.
  • Must be readily available funds. Bank statement must show total balance of checking or savings account. (No investments, stocks, mutual funds, non-USC income letters, etc.)
  • Must be no older than 3 months from date submitted.
  • On-line bank statements must indicate the account holder and identify the type of account.
  • Letter from Bank must be printed on bank stationary and signed.

Note for Non-Degree Students: 

  • Over 51% of funding must come from source other than personal funding for Non-Degree Students
  • Exception: 51% rule waived for direct exchange students (MOU with their university)