Obtaining a USC ID Card & Other Services

A 10-digit USC ID has become the key to most USC services such as an e-mail account, library access, USCard, White Pages, Blackboard, etc. In addition, OIS requires a 10-digit ID for all requests.

For J-1 Exchange Visitors who will be USC employees (paid by USC) the 10-digit number should be generated via the USC Payroll system.

For J-1 Exchange Visitors who will not be in employee positions (even if they will receive some form of payment or reimbursement from USC) the 10-digit USC ID needs to come from the iVIP database. For information regarding iVIP please contact your school/department iVIP Administrator or John Kennedy in Organization Improvement Services at: jkennedy@usc.edu.

Note to Department Facilitators: Once Exchange Visitors have the 10-digit ID you will be able to request services as part of the normal employee set-up process or via the iVIP system. If you have trouble securing services for your J-1 scholar please contact j1exchg@usc.edu or (213) 740-2666.