Delayed Arrivals and Cancellations

Delayed Arrivals

If the OIS does not receive all check-in materials within 15 days of the start date indicated on the exchange visitor’s DS-2019, a Correction Request is required. Those attempting to enter the US 15 days after their start date could be sent to secondary inspection or denied entry. For Delayed Arrivals, the sponsoring academic department will submit a Correction Request to OIS to amend the start date in SEVIS. A new DS-2019 will be issued. In cases where there is not adequate time to ship, the exchange visitor can enter the U.S. without the new DS-2019 as long as the SEVIS record reflects the updated start date.

Reporting Responsibilities for Scholars

The Exchange Visitor is responsible for notifying their Department Facilitators if they are unable to arrive and complete the check-in process within 15 days from the start date listed on the DS-2019.

Reporting Responsibilities for Department Facilitators

The Department Facilitators will email the correction request documents in a single email attachment to OIS at The subject line should identify the campus (UPC or HSC), type of request, and name of Exchange Visitor. For example: UPC, Correction Request: Tommy Trojan.

A Correction Request includes the following:

  1. An invitation letter or an addendum to the existing invitation letter which specifies the new start and end date. The dates selected should be for the same duration of the initial DS-2019.
  2. An Internal Requisition (IR) for $100 to OIS. Please state the following information on the IR: name of the Exchange Visitor, their date of birth, and the campus (UPC or HSC)

If the Exchange Visitor does not arrive and complete the check-in process within the 15 day window from the start date listed on the DS-2019, the SEVIS record will become invalid.


If the Exchange Visitor is unable to come to campus for their appointment (change of plans/ denied a visa), please notify OIS. Email to CANCEL the scholar’s SEVIS record.