Travel Restrictions Related to Novel Coronavirus

On Friday, January 31, the U.S. President issued a proclamation restricting entry for immigrants and non-immigrants who have been in China during the 14 days prior to attempted entry to the U.S. While this is expected to be a temporary measure, it is unknown how long this entry restriction will be in place. International students and scholars currently outside the U.S. who have been in China during the last 14 days are advised to avoid travel to the U.S. at this time, since entry is very likely to be denied by border officials.

Students and scholars impacted by this measure are advised to:

  1. Email the Office of International Services. Include your name, USC ID#, current location, and a brief description of how you are impacted by this U.S. entry restriction.
  2. For students, contact your academic advisor to discuss academic options during the time period you will be outside the U.S. For scholars, contact your USC supervisor to discuss the situation and provide notice of an extended absence from campus.

Students and scholars currently in the U.S. are advised to avoid non-essential temporary travel to China at this time, since it is not yet known how long the current U.S. entry restriction will be in place.

Please see the USC Student Health website for updates to the community regarding the Novel Coronavirus.