The University of Southern California is home to approximately 50 Fulbright Students and Researchers. The Office of International Services requires all new arrivals to view the J-1 Fulbright Orientation presentation. Additionally, J-1 Fulbright Students are required to complete OIS Immigration Status Verification (ISV) within 15 days after their arrival in the U.S. to remove the STU50 hold. J-1 Fulbright Researchers are not required to submit ISV.

Please note that the J-1 Advising staff at the Office of International Services can only answer general questions since your SEVIS record is held with IIE Fulbright. Please inquire directly with your Fulbright Advisor for immigration specific questions.

Fulbright Trojan Association

We encourage all Fulbrights to join the Fulbright Trojan Association, a student-based organization that brings together the Fulbright community at USC. Their webpage provides access to various resources to help you settle into your new life in Los Angeles. 

Immigration Status Verification

This webpage has important instructions for J-1 arrivals regarding the required Immigration Status Verification (ISV). Completing ISV allows OIS to remove the STU Hold. J-1 Fulbright Researchers are not required to submit ISV. Fulbrighters should continue to refer to IIE or Amideast’s instructions for completing arrival reporting requirements.

J-1 Fulbright Orientation

The Office of International Services invites you to attend our mandatory virtual orientation for initial J-1 Fulbright Students and Scholars. Learn about maintain J-1 status, health insurance, travel signatures and other concerns you have during your time at USC.