(Degree Student and Non-Degree Student)

Students and Academic Advisors: Please use Adobe signatures or DocuSign for any forms that require signatures.

Academic Training (AT) Request / Instructions

Change of Status to PR, Citizen, Non-J-1 Visa Request

Dependent DS-2019 Request (For bringing a J-2 Dependent to the U.S. after the J-1 has arrived)

DS-2019 Reprint (Change of Major) Request

DS-2019 Reprint (Lost/Damaged) Request (Replacement DS-2019 for you and your J-2 Dependents)

DS-2019 Shorten Program End Date Request

Immigration Status Verification (ISV) RequestInstructions

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Letter Request

Invitation Letter

Leave of Absence (LOA) Request

Letter of Standing (LOS) J-1 Students

Permission to Attend Another Institution (PTAAI) J-1 Students / Instructions

Ph.D. to Master’s DS-2019 Request

Reduced Course Load (RCL) for Academic Difficulty/Medical ReasonsInstructions

SEVIS Final Semester Check (For under-enrollment in final term)

SEVIS Transfer-Out Request / Instructions

SEVIS U.S. Address and Contact Update

Social Security Number (SSN) Eligibility Letter J-1 Students / Instructions

Special Programs DS-2019 Initial Request

Special Programs Evaluation Request

Special Program Home University Attestation Request

Travel Signature Request / Instructions

J-1 Degree Student Forms

Financial Update Request

Program Extension DS-2019 RequestInstructions

Return to USC Initial DS-2019 Request

SEVIS Final Semester Check

Transfer-In Request

J-1 Non-Degree Student Forms

DS-2019 Cancelation RequestInstructions

DS-2019 Correction RequestInstructions

DS-2019 Extension Request / Instructions

DS-2019 Initial Request / Instructions

NDS MUIP DS-2019 Request

NDSR DS-2019 Request

NDSR DS-2019 Extension Request

University ID Update Request

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