Temporary Accommodations

Some students and scholars may require temporary accommodation once they arrive in Los Angeles. There are several options for short-term accommodations on or near the University Park Campus and their contact information is provided below. Please contact the offices directly to inquire about accommodation details and to make reservations.

On-Campus Temporary HousingThe USC Housing office coordinates temporary housing for a limited number of international students. Please review the USC Housing website for more details.
Hotels and Motels  The USC Office of Orientation Programs has a partial list of hotels and motels available in the general area of the USC University Park Campus, particularly for the downtown area (two miles north of campus). Please contact these accommodations directly for inquiry on available facilities, rates, etc. These accommodations are located in the center of a large urban area. The University and OIS does not guarantee the safety or condition of any individual lodging and does not endorse any of the listings.
Additional OptionsIn addition to the temporary accommodation options above, temporary housing can be arranged through these other sources:


  • Contact one of the nationality clubs in the USC International Students’ Assembly to find fellow citizens who may provide additional tips or options
  • Friends or relatives who live near USC
  • A local church or the members of a religious congregation
  • On-campus housing through the USC Housing website

Housing Tips & Safety