Students who would like to enroll in courses at another institution while maintaining their student visa status at USC, also known as “concurrent enrollment”, must receive permission from OIS prior to doing so through the Permission to Attend Another Institution (PTAAI) letter.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students must first be registered full-time at USC for the same term (except for summer semesters)
  • USC students who wish to transfer courses from another institution must consult their academic advisor and the USC Office of Academic Records and Registrar before registering for the courses
    • The PTAAI letter is only a verification of a student’s full-time student status at USC under the USC I-20 authorization.  It is not an approval to transfer unit credit, subject credit or for major substitution.

To request a PTAAI letter, please submit the PTAAI request form to OIS. There is a 3-5 business day processing time for PTAAI letters.