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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students must first receive academic advisement from their academic department in order to register for courses. For most students, this advisement will occur during New Student Orientation after they arrive at USC.

Students who attend the Hong Kong International Student Orientation will receive their first academic advisement there and will be able to register for courses prior to arriving at USC.

Students who arrive late and are unable to attend Orientation will need to contact their academic department to find out how to receive their academic advisement.

As a reminder, students should also review the OIS website on maintaining international student status.

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Graduate Students

Graduate students must first complete Passport Verification (PPV) online with OIS in order to register for courses.

Important Steps:

  1. Submit PPV documents online to remove STU50 hold
  2. Contact academic department to receive academic advisement
  3. Receive D-Clearance from department and register for courses
  4. Attend New Student Orientation
  5. Review the OIS website on maintaining international student status
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Registration Holds

The following table lists possible registration holds that newly admitted international students may have on their student account and the removal procedure:

OIS70 Reflects that students started studying at USC from outside of the U.S. (online) during COVID period. This hold does not restrict registration. Complete Passport Verification (PPV) with OIS upon arrival in the U.S.
STU50 Restricts registration and USCard application for graduate students Complete Passport Verification (PPV) with OIS upon arrival in the U.S.
STU60 Restricts USCard application for undergraduate students Complete Passport Verification (PPV) with OIS upon arrival in the U.S.
ALI01 Conditional Admission based on English Proficiency Take the International Student English (ISE) exam before registering for classes
ADM40 Degree Verification Verify the previous degree with USC Office of Degree Progress
ADM20 Conditional Admission Contact Department Advisor to find out the conditions of the admission and satisfy those requirements
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Paying for Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are due at the beginning of each semester. The Schedule of Classes includes the Registration Calendar. This calendar outlines important dates for each semester including the due dates for tuition and fee payments.
Students are required to register and settle fees by the Friday before the first day of classes for each semester. Failure to do so will result in late fees being charged to the student’s account.

The Student Financial Services Office provides information on paying tuition and the different methods of payment including the USC Payment Plan and wire transfer payments.  Please click on the following links to learn more details on each process:

Financial Aid for International Students

Although financial aid is limited for international students, there are resources available for both undergraduate and graduate international students. Please review our Financial Aid page for more information.

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