I-94 Printout Instructions 

Students will need to visit the CBP website and search for their electronic I-94 record using their name as it appears on their visa stamp page. Since Canadian students do not have a visa stamp page, they will need to enter their name as it appears on the passport’s biographical page. If one has FNU on the visa stamp page, it will appear on the I-94; if FNU is not indicated, it will not appear on the I-94.

Proof of Legal Status 

Passports will be stamped with the date of admission to the US and the visa status in which one has been admitted. Along with a valid passport and I-20/DS-2019, this admission stamp serves as proof of legal status. It is strongly suggested that one obtains a printout of their electronic I-94 document from the CBP website after each arrival and retain these documents for their records.

Phasing Out Paper I-94

Previously, the I-94 was issued as a white paper card and placed in the passport as evidence of legal status and valid period of admission in the US. It was surrendered at the time of departure from the US to officially record the non-immigrant’s exit. All the previous rules and procedures related to the paper I-94 still apply until a student’s next entry to the US. creates an electronic I-94 record. If a student currently possess the paper I-94, they will surrender it during their next departure from the US.

I-94 Frequently Asked Questions