USC Global

USC has overseas offices that would be happy to assist new students and their families with questions and concerns. Offices are currently located in Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Further information can be obtained at the USC Global page.


The US Government has education assistance offices throughout the world called EducationUSA centers. They can offer assistance to students preparing to study in the US; some offices even offer pre-departure cultural orientations to prepare students for living and studying in the US. Further information can be obtained at the Education USA website.

USC International Student Groups

There are many international student organizations on campus that can respond to new students’ questions and concerns. Most are under the International Student Assembly (ISA), which is the coordinating body of most student nationality groups on campus. These clubs serve as a support group and foster a sense of community among current international students; they are also an invaluable resource for new incoming students. Many of these groups maintain their own websites and group email addresses that new international students can access through the ISA Facebook page provided above. It may be a good idea to contact them and seek their advice and tips on settling in at USC and Los Angeles.

Some international student groups are not a part of ISA. To see if their is a group that pertains to your nationality or interest area, check the Campus Activities website!

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