Updated 06/09/2023

USC Transportation: Buses and More

For information about USC bus services, the Campus Cruiser program, and other transportation services offered by USC, visit the USC Transportation website.


Driver’s License

A driver’s license is required to drive a car, purchase a car, and obtain automobile insurance. Review the OIS webpage for information on how to apply for a California driver’s license.

Purchasing a Car

Cars are the most popular and convenient form of transportation in Los Angeles.  Purchasing a car costs several thousands of dollars and purchasing one involves a lot of research and purchasing auto insurance. If buying a used car, it is advisable to have it checked by a mechanic before making any agreement or payment. Before buying a vehicle, students and scholars should know their rights and responsibilities. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website provides guidelines on purchasing a motor vehicle.

On-Campus Parking

Students and scholars who own cars and are interested in purchasing a USC parking permit should visit the USC Transportation Office website to view parking options on and around campus.


Biking is a popular form of transportation at USC.  Bikes are allowed everywhere on campus except inside buildings, and there are bike stands outside of many buildings on campus. Special traffic rules apply to cyclists on and off campus, and it is important to be aware of them. Biking to and from campus is ideal for students and scholars who live close to campus.

The following resources provide guidelines on bicycle safety and traffic rules:

Bikes can be purchased from a local used bike store around campus. When purchasing a bike, it is crucial to also buy a bike lock, as suggested by USC DPS.