J-1 Degree Students must be engaged in a full-time course of study, working towards a degree from USC. Please note that J-1 Degree students will receive their DS-2019 from the Office of Admissions, not the Office of International Services.

Our website is divided into two sections to help guide Exchange Visitors find pertinent information on various concerns they may face during their time at USC.

If you are a J-1 Non-Degree Student at USC, we would like to redirect you to the webpages listed below:

 If you are a J-1 Scholar conducting full-time research or teaching at USC, we would like to redirect you to the webpages below:

The J-1 Exchange Visitor program aims to increase intercultural understanding between the local and international communities through education and cross-cultural exchange.

The University of Southern California has a long and proud tradition of facilitating such exchanges. We welcome J-1 degree students in the Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. J-1 student visa categories. Regardless of their individual pursuits, J-1 Exchange Visitors greatly contribute to the rich and diverse Trojan Family. Their experience at USC allows them to achieve their goals, as well as enrich the university’s global initiatives.