J-1 Transfer Out

OIS Processing Time: 10 business days

It is important that the purpose of the transfer is to complete the initial objective(s) for which the Exchange Visitor entered in J-1 status. The transfer is a continuation of one’s work at USC at the new institution.

J-1 Exchange Visitors who wish to transfer to another institution must notify their sponsoring academic department and submit the following items in a single email attachment to OIS at j1scholar@usc.edu or j1student@usc.edu.

  1. Transfer Out Request Form for J-1 Exchange Visitor
  2. Invitation Letter from new institution which indicates the following:
    • Name of Exchange Visitor
    • Start date
    • Job title and description of duties (which matches current DS-2019’s subject/field code remarks)

All three parties—OIS, USC sponsoring academic department, and the new sponsor—must agree on a transfer release date in SEVIS/start date at new institution. The Transfer Release Date in SEVIS selected should be your first day of employment at the new institution.

Note: There should be no interruption in employment between USC and your new institution. You are not permitted to take a vacation in between your transfer. 

Note: The J-1 Category and Subject Field code (located on page 1 of the DS-2019 in section 4) must remain the same at the new institution.

Note: Once an Exchange Visitor has been released, they are no longer eligible to receive funding from USC. In addition, until the release date arrives, they will not be able to receive funding from the new institution.