Leave of Absence (LOA)

updated 11/30/2022

Declaring a Leave of Absence communicates to the university that the student will not be enrolling at USC for the current or upcoming term, but plans to continue their studies at USC in a future term. Declaring a Leave of Absence also ensures that the student’s academic program and access to academic and immigration advising services remain available. F-1 and J-1 international students must inform The Office of International Services (OIS) of their LOA plans to ensure their SEVIS record is updated accordingly.

Standard Leave of Absence (LOA)

For students who are taking a break in studies (i.e. not enroll in any classes) due to:
  • Personal reasons such as financial, military duties, employment opportunities abroad, etc.
  • Medical reasons and are receiving medical treatment from abroad (outside the U.S.)

Medical Reduced Course Load (RCL) 

For students who are:
  • Taking a break in studies (i.e. not enroll in any classes) due to health reasons and are required to remain in the U.S. for continuous medical treatment.