Immigration Inspection Upon Arrival

Upon arrival to the US, students will present their passport, visa, I-20/DS-2019, and SEVIS I-901 Fee Payment Receipt to the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officer at the port of entry.

After reviewing the documents and updating the student’s SEVIS record with the entry information, the CBP officer will stamp the student’s passport notating F-1 D/S or J-1 D/S (Duration of Status), date and location of arrival in the US. If this is not completed, please bring it to the attention of the CBP officer so that it can be stamped with this annotation.

While the CBP officer is inspecting the immigration documents, students may be asked some general questions. Do not get agitated or nervous – it is just routine procedure.  Always answer clearly, honestly and politely. If there is a problem, suggest that they contact OIS.

Baggage Claim

After clearing customs, students should proceed to the Baggage Claim area to collect their bags. If the bags are not on the carousel, or they are marked, students should inform the airline service kiosk in the Baggage Claim area. It may be necessary to meet with an US Customs officials (or Agricultural Dept.) if the bags are marked. They may ask about the contents of the bags or ask to open them up. Students should follow their instructions and answer their questions honestly and politely. Please bear in mind that the penalty for carrying contraband is very high and may result in deportation.

More information on what to expect at a US Port of Entry.