STEM OPT Extension

Updated 12/1/2020

Graduates currently on post-completion OPT may be eligible for a 24-month extension of their work authorization if they have earned a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in an eligible STEM field, as designated by USCIS. The STEM OPT Extension allows graduates the opportunity to gain an additional 24 months of work experience, resulting in up to 36 months of total work eligibility in the United States following graduation from USC.

All STEM OPT Extension applications are adjudicated (i.e. processed and approved) by USCIS. Successful filing of a STEM OPT Extension application will result in issuance of an EAD valid for an additional 24 months following post-completion OPT, during which graduates are able to legally work in the United States in positions directly related to their STEM majors.

Students who are interested in applying for the STEM OPT Extension are required to read the STEM OPT Extension Instructions below.

STEM OPT Extension Instructions

Click Here for STEM OPT Extension Instructions (Video)
Click Here for STEM OPT Extension Instructions (PDF)

The STEM OPT Extension Instructions cover eligibility and employment requirements, submission deadlines, reporting requirements*, and other frequently asked questions (FAQs).

*If you are currently on STEM OPT Extension and have received an email from SEVP notifying you of an upcoming due date for your data validation report and/or self-evaluation, please refer to the STEM OPT Extension Instructions linked above. These instructions have step-by-step guidance on how to submit these updates to OIS.

OPT I-20 Request System

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USCIS accepts STEM OPT Extension applications as early as 90 days prior to the OPT EAD expiration date. Students must mail the Form I-765 and other supporting documents to USCIS within 60 days of the date OIS recommended the STEM OPT Extension in SEVIS. USCIS must receive the STEM OPT Extension application packet before the post-completion OPT EAD expiration date.

OIS processing time for STEM OPT I-20 requests : Seven business days*

* Students must add to their email contacts list to ensure they receive all email correspondence regarding their request. Incomplete or incorrect requests will be returned to students for review and correction, and will require resubmission to OIS for processing. The seven business day processing time will restart upon resubmission and students will not be required to pay the STEM OPT Extension Administration Fee again.

Sample I-983 for USC Graduates

Click Here for Sample I-983 for USC Graduates

In order for OIS to recommend graduates for the STEM OPT Extension and issue an I-20, all students must submit a Form I-983 Training Plan. When completing the I-983 Training Plan, please refer to this sample for guidance. Additional information can be found in the STEM OPT Extension Instructions or on the Study in the States website.

As a reminder, USCIS requires original, scanned, or copied wet signatures for the Form I-983. Electronic (such as Adobe or DocuSign), typed, or other such signatures are not authorized.

STEM OPT Extension Application Checklist

Click Here for STEM OPT Extension Application Checklist

Once students receive their STEM OPT Extension I-20 from OIS, they can assemble the STEM OPT Extension application packet and mail it to USCIS for processing. Refer to the STEM OPT Extension Application Checklist for a list of required documents for the STEM OPT Extension application.

For guidance on completing the Form I-765 indicated on the checklist, please refer to the Sample STEM OPT Extension I-765.

Sample STEM OPT Extension I-765

Click Here for Sample STEM OPT Extension I-765

Important update: On September 29, 2020, a U.S. federal court issued an injunction against the USCIS fee increase that was expected to go into effect on October 2, 2020. Due to this ruling, USCIS will continue to accept STEM OPT Extension applications filed with the 8/25/20 edition of the Form I-765 and $410 fee until further notice.

Please refer to USC’s Sample OPT I-765 when completing the OPT application. Be sure to download the most recent versions of the I-765 and instructions from USCIS. Failure to use the most recent version could result in OPT denial.

SEVP Portal Issues

Before contacting OIS, please review the Study in the States: SEVP Portal Help website for answers to common questions or issues, including how to unlock your SEVP Portal account or reset your password.

If you need the initial SEVP Portal account creation email to be resent, need to change your SEVP Portal email address, or have any other SEVP Portal issue not addressed on the Study in the States website, email

  • In the email subject line, write: SEVP Portal Issue: Last Name, First Name – SEVIS ID #
  • Include your preferred SEVP Portal account email address and attach a PDF copy of your EAD, along with any relevant screenshots or error messages

Announcement Regarding USCIS EAD Processing Delays

Due to delays with EAD processing, USCIS has issued temporary guidance allowing students to use the Form I-797 STEM OPT Extension EAD Approval Notice, in the absence of an STEM OPT Extension EAD, as proof of work authorization. This guidance only applies to students issued a Form I-797 STEM OPT Extension EAD Approval Notice between December 1, 2019 and August 20, 2020. See the official USCIS announcement here.