Off-Campus Employment

OIS Processing Time: 7 business days

While J-1 regulations require that the majority of an Exchange Visitor’s work be done at the primary site of activity for his or her program, USC scholars may, with prior authorization, participate in Occasional Lectures and Consultations.

This authorization is meant for lecturing, consulting, or otherwise sharing expertise at institutions outside of USC and not for extensive, on-going off-campus employment. This includes any form of remuneration (payments, honoraria, and/or travel costs). Volunteer work related to the exchange visitor’s research objective is not included unless it is reimbursed for travel expenses.

Authorization must be obtained from OIS before beginning employment.

Valid off-campus employment must:

1)  Be directly related to the objectives of the Exchange Visitor program.

2)  Be incidental to the Exchange Visitor’s primary program activities.

3)  Not delay the completion date of the Exchange Visitor program.

Application Requirements

  1. J-1 Scholar Off-Campus Work Authorization Request
  2. Offer Letter from the non-USC employer

Application Submission

  • The Department Facilitator submits typed Application to OIS
  • Email all documents in a single email attachment to
  • Please ensure that all required documents are submitted at the time of application. Incomplete application packets will not be processed.
  • Subject Line of email should identify Campus, Request Description: Name of Exchange Visitor (i.e. UPC, Occasional Lectures & Consolations Request: Tommy Trojan or HSC, Occasional Lectures & Consolations Request: Tommy Trojan)
  • If the employment fits within regulations, the J-1 advisor will provide an authorization letter which can be given to the potential employer, allowing the Exchange Visitor to receive compensation.