Program Completion

Exchange Visitors are granted a 30-day grace period following the completion of a program, during which time Exchange Visitors are free to travel within the US and take care of details before returning home.

If the Exchange Visitor is leaving after the program end date on the DS-2019 or fewer than 30 days prior to the expiration, there are no formal check-out procedures with OIS. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your program or future plans with USC, feel free to make an appointment with an OIS J-1 advisor. Appointments are scheduled through the front desk by calling 213-740-2666.

If you are ending your J-1 visit more than 30 days prior to the program end date listed on your DS-2019, please send an e-mail to once you have returned to your home country. At that time, we will shorten your DS-2019 to reflect your early departure.

J-1 International Exchange Alumni

Beginning in January 2016 the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs began inviting J-1 Exchange Visitor Program alumni to join the Department of State’s International Exchange Alumni website. The International Exchange Alumni ( is a dynamic and interactive networking website for past and current exchange visitors of U.S. government-sponsored and private sector exchange programs. Here, alumni can build on their exchange experience and explore all the resources available to them as a member of the site.

The International Exchange Alumni Website is a key resource for alumni who wish to advance their efforts, their community, and our world. Membership to this exclusive online community grants access to:

  • $33 billion worth of grant opportunities;
  • Professional development resources;
  • Exclusive video webchats with VIPs; and
  • 20,000 online magazines and newspapers.

Members can also:

  • Network with fellow alumni around the world;
  • Recruit fellow alumni for projects and competitions;
  • Find the latest research in your field;
  • Develop plans for your alumni association, or find an association to join;
  • Share your experience with a global audience; and
  • Read alumni success stories, perspectives, and ideas.

J-1 Alumni who participated in an exchange program will receive an email invitation (see example below) to join the IEA website and activate their accounts. If asked, please assure your alumni that this is a legitimate email from the U.S. Department of State.